Most references erroneously name Heinemann Park as being built in 1915. This is not correct as the stadium that the Pelicans had previously utilized on Banks Street is the same ballpark as this. Pelican Stadium was actually built in 1908 to be both a Spring Training facility as well as a full season home to the Southern Association (Class AA) and negro league home to the New Orleans Black Pelicans and Creoles. Pelican Park was originally located on Banks Street and Carrolton Avenue in Mid City, New Orleans. In 1914 due
to drainage issues, the park was literally picked up on the backs of mules… section by section and moved down Carrolton Avenue to the intersection of Carrolton and Tulane, where it re-opened in its new location on April 13th, 1915… (more on this later). After the move, Pelican Stadium was named after A.J. Heinemann, who was the owner of the stadium itself (not the Pelicans).