John Brush awoke to some smoke. His new League Park II was on fire and burning out of control. Firemen came racing to the ballpark on Western and Findlay but it was too late. League Park II was gone. It was May of 1900 and though he seemed to have lost everything... Brush's ingenious plan would come to work out just perfectly for himself. He sent his team on the road for a few weeks as he straightened everything up... and then took home plate... and walked it right into the outfield and laid it in front of League Park I... which of course was still standing and acting as the rightfield bleachers. After the charred remains were removed from the playing field, Legion Park II once again became the outfield and Legion Park I which served from 1884 until 1893 ... was once again the main grandstand for the Cincinnati Reds. The infield which had become the outfield was once again the infield and within a few weeks, the Reds were back playing baseball once again on the corner of Western and Findlay.