Eastwood Field has a somewhat unique configuration. The luxury boxed grandstands hug the 1st baseline up until 1st base itself, though on the 3rd base line, they shorten up considerably, ending not far past the beginning of the dugout. There are 9 suites on the right side of the grandstand but only 3 on the left. The slightly un-0rthodox setup gives the ballpark a little more "personality" than if it had been built in a more symmetrical fashion. Along with professional baseball, Eastwood Field has been home to dozens of major concerts and attractions including bands such as Bad Company, Kansas, Foreigner, Kenny Rogers, the Village People, Kool & The Gang, The Beach Boys, Ja Rule, 98 Degrees, B*Witched and Nelly as well as the annual Ribs and Music festival, classic car shows, the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, Championship Boxing and dozens of other major events.