In 1900 the Cardinals were now officially the Cardinals, but had little to show for it, as they were back below .500, despite HOF Jesse Burkett hitting .363. The other HOF's Bobby Wallace (.268) and Cy Young (19-19) would each have career lows before moving on to become great players somewhere else. Future Hall of Famer John McGraw however, would come to the team and play 3B while batting .344 before going on to become one of the greatest (and fieriest) managers in the game. Though Cy Young was now gone from the team, Jesse Burkett would have another great season in 1901 batting .376 while Jack Harper put up a 23-13, 3.62 to give the team its 2nd above .500 season. By 1902 however, the Cardinals were back below .500 as they had shed all of their future Hall of Famers...  and with that came the next dive. Hall of Famer Mordecai Brown joined in 1903 but couldn't keep the Cardinals from sinking fast to a 43-94 record. Another Hall of Famer, Kid Nichols (21-13, .202) would do his best to right the ship in 1904 as the Cardinals finished just 5 games under .500.