It began in the middle of the roaring 20s and roared all across Southern Florida. It was an ornate state of design and architecture which would become well known to us as "Art Deco".  While it would find a home throughout the United States, there is perhaps no place in the world it found a home more welcoming than Miami Florida. Though the style began to peak in the depression era 30's, it continued on until the end of the depression. The luxurious imagery that Art Deco produced was not in the country's sightlines throughout the WWII era. By the end of the war, alot had changed in America and in its sensibilities. Art Deco swiftly disappeared as luxury wasn't looked upon with the same sense of wonderment as was the simple white picket fence and family values.Miami however, had taken the Art Deco stylings and made it its own. It is seen everywhere throughout the architecture of Miami Beach and throughout the city proper. Even though the style had long since seen its demise throughout the United States, it was in Miami that it continued to prosper. When it was announced in 1947, that Miami would be getting a stunning new 13,500 seat stadium all its own, it just seemed natural that the new ballpark would be bestowed with the same futurist designs that was Miami Florida.
Photograph courtesy of
Halls Nostalgia