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Halls Nostalgia
The 90 wins of 1951 seemed like an awful high standard to try to reach and the team set off on enjoying their 2 consecutive titles. They were now the feared team of the FSL. Newcomer Jesse Cade would break several All-Time records in DeLand... as he hit 23 Doubles... a record breaking 23 Triples, 4 homers and an All-Time Concord Park batting average of .382... breaking Huck Geary's .362 by 20 points. Now while Cade set a few records, perhaps even more amazing was the return of Linnel Roberts. Roberts hit .356 with 33 doubles, 16 triples and 5 homers. Now those are great numbers, but not as good as Cade... but Roberts did something that Cade didn't do... he also put up an astounding 15-2 record with a 1.94 ERA! Last year's ERA breaking Walter Jasinski also returned to go 6-2 with a 2.04 ERA and Stanley Miller ran alongside Roberts going 15-4 with a 2.29 ERA. Richard Dotson was also excellent with a 17-8, 2.78. It didn't seem possible, but the 1952 team would do even better than 1951, finishing a whopping 55 games above .500 with a 95-40 (.703) record. The Red Hats were looking to secure their 3rd straight Championship when they went back to their original roots and lost it all, in the first round. It was too good to be true. Still in all, this was a fantastic 3 year run.