Palmer Carr was back in 2008 and hit 15 HR and batted .302. Andre Marshall batted. 351, Pat O'Sullivan batted .355 with 13 HR and Bryan Sabatella hit 14 HR and batted .350. It wasn't the hitting that would ruin this team... it was the pitching which had gone south. The Aces still finished 15 games over .500. they were still a very good team but without the pitching to back them up, they lost in the finals. With that, the Alexandria Aces announced they would be jumping ship... leaving the United League for the Continental league who had been playing with franchises in Texarkana, Corpus Christi and McKinney but added two franchises for the 2009 season including Bringhurst Field. The Continental League was only playing 60 games per season so there wasn't much stat wise to talk about that would be impressive. The Aces however were a top team in the new league and instantly ran up to take 1st place and took the Continental League trophy. And as quickly as they came... they were gone. The Aces dropped back out of the Continental League and announced that in 2010 they would no longer field a baseball team. It came as a bit of a shock after just winning the pennant and the Continental League Championship but the Aces were gone and this time possibly ... for good.