White City Park's grandstand held between 3500 and 4000 seating capacity when it reached its highest capacity. When it opened in 1902 to the Missouri Valley League, it was to the Springfield Reds. The Reds were an excellent 2nd place team putting up an 83-40 (.678) record. By 1903, the Reds had changed their name to the Springfield Midgets... a name they would keep pretty steadily throughout their early years. With the Missouri Valley League, the Midgets would continue to come in 2nd place for the next two seasons with winning percentages of .631 and .626. By 1905 some change would come to this ballpark as the Midget's league switched to become the Western Association in 1905 and Springfield changed its name to the "Highlanders" for the season. After putting up a miserable 54-80 last place record, they were back to being the Midgets by 1906. Unfortunately these Midgets were pretty awful and from 1907-1909, as they finished near last place despite Wilder Gray leading the league in homers with 11 in 1909. Things also switched up a little bit for Springfield's baseball stadium as well, as they would play the 1908 season in Doling Park (for what reason is unknown to us) before returning in 1909, with pro-ball never returning to Doling Park after that single season. By the end of the 1909, the team would need to regroup and dropped out of the Western Association. Springfield returned in 1911, this time as the "Springfield Jobbers" but they wouldn't last very long, nor would the league. The Western Association would disband and regroup. When the league returned in 1914, Springfield would not field a team due to fire damage at the orignal ballpark.