White City Park was at one time, one of the most exciting ballparks in America to catch a Minor League game. In its heyday, the Springfield Cardinals were the kings of the Western Association in the same way that they are atop the Texas League today. Some famed future MLB All-Stars of Major League Baseball came through this ballpark including a future Hall of Famer. The original White City Park was built in 1901... got burned by a fire and rebuilt in 1921. It would serve this town until 1942 when WWII came. The ballpark would be dismantled and Memorial Baseball Stadium would take over as its replacement. (Though the ballpark was so badly built that no one came to see the team after that and that ballpark was also gone after only 1 1/2 years). White City Park I (shown above) and II would serve this city and professional baseball for nearly 40 years.