Photographs courtesy of the G.E. Archives - Schenectady Science Center & Planetarium
Future 17 year MLB veteran Si Johnson reached the 19 Win mark (on his way to an awful 7-22 loss season for the Cincinnati Reds in 1934) but he was also beaten out by Moline's Ray Wolf and his 21 win performance. As for Rock Island, they were  becoming tired of being 2nd to big brother Moline and it didn't help that in 1929, they dropped all the way to last place with a 44-82 record... 31 games out of .500 in 1929, while Moline held their own with a 63-63 to take the town's bragging rights for the 5th straight season. The Islanders realized they had to get better in the pitching department if they were ever going to beat Moline and they returned in 1930 with a much stronger rotation. The staff to lead the Douglas Park into the new decade was led by Del Wetherell, who a turned his 17 losses in 1929, into a new team record and league leading 21 wins (21-11) becoming the only Rock Island Islander ever to reach the 20 win mark in Douglas Park's 18 year Minor League history. Wetherell added a league leading 217 strikeouts to those totalsn as well. Don Crowe (17-12), Howard Fryman (17-16) and Walter Murphy (10-5) gave this team a fine starting rotation behind Wetherell while Patrick Patton (31 2B, 15 3B, 13 HR, .321) was a strong hitter that Rock Island could rely on. The Islanders shot up to 2nd place in 1930 and finished just one game out 1st. Moline meanwhile had good hitting but little pitching and finished in 4th, 6.5 games behind Rock Island while their other rival... Davenport who had joined the league the season before, finished in 3rd.