Photographs courtesy of the G.E. Archives - Schenectady Science Center & Planetarium
The very fortunate thing about the signing with the Detroit Tigers was the fact that they brought 2 future Major League All-Stars to Browning Field for the very first time. The very un-fortunate thing was that it meant that Riley Parker was no longer with the ballclub... which caused the PlowBoys to drop to 11 games under .500. Despite that, the presence of future MLB All-Stars Mike Tresh (18 yrs old, .204) and Claude Passeau (8-4, 2.85) was a historical one. Especially for Passeau who would go on from Moline to play in 4 All-Star games for the Chicago Cubs... his best season coming in 1942 when he won 19 games with a 2.68 ERA. It looked like things were looking up here at Browning Field. A new affiliation... a solid 9 years in the Mississippi Valley League. It was perhaps a bit surprising to many when they found out that the Mississippi Valley League was going through a very tough time financially, and would be coming to a swift and permanent end in 1933. The league began making cuts as soon as the end of the 1932 season and one of those cuts... would be the Plowboys. Browning Field would go dark in 1933 and it would remain that way for 5 long years.