First Night Game in Baseball History

Holcomb Park

Des Moines Iowa

Former home of the Des Moines Demons
Des Moines Boosters
(Western League)

Photographs of the 1st night game in baseball history
appear courtesy of
Chris Hunter of the
Schenectady Museum and
Science Center
from the G.E. Collection of Historic Photographs

(special thanks to Stephen L.J. Russo)
Ping Bodie would be traded off to get pitching but former St. Louis Browns' slugger Dutch Wetzel, was brought in to take his place. Wetzel made up for Bodie's loss instantly posting an amazing 40 2Bs, 9 3Bs, a record tying 32 HR and a .353 to become the top hitter on the team. Sam Langford meanwhile posted 31 2B, a record breaking 16 3B, 13 HR and a .339, all while leading the league with 160 runs scored. Charles Stuvengen would then break that just set triples mark by posting 42 2B, 18 3B, 13 HR and a .349! Last but not least, future Philadelphia A's Pug Griffin would provide some protection in the lineup to Dutch Wetzel by batting .320 with 35 2B, 10 3B and 23 HR. This amazing collection of professional hitters and pitchers combined to go 98-70 on the 1925 season and the brand new Des Moines Demons would take home their 3rd Championship title to Holcomb Park.