First Night Game in Baseball History

Holcomb Park

Des Moines Iowa

Former home of the Des Moines Demons
Des Moines Boosters
(Western League)
appear courtesy of
Chris Hunter of the
Schenectady Museum and
Science Center
from the G.E. Collection of Historic Photographs
(special thanks to Stephen L.J. Russo)
The 1931 Demons continued to improve thanks to a returning Stan Keyes who would break his own personal all time HR record by slamming 36 2B, 24 3B, 38 HR, 160 RBI and a .369 average for an absolutely killer .729 slugging percentage and 401 total bases, winning the Western League Triple Crown (leading the league in all 3 power categories … HR, Avg, RBI). Future Red Sox' Moose Eggart provided a few extra doubles with 39 two-baggers and a .316 while Jim Oglesby's 30 2B, 15 3B, 6 HR and .341 gave the Demons another man who seemed to be constantly on base. The Demons also welcomed their 2nd ever future MLB All-Star as Mike Kreevich (26 2B, 13 3B, 9 HR, .329) joined Lefty O'Doul as the next future MLB Superstar. The hitting however, was never that big of a problem. This team lived and died by their pitching. Luckily 1931 brought Bud Tinning back to Des Moines and Tinning was sensational putting up a 24-2 record in a nearly perfect season. Future Philadelphia Phillies' Jack Knight meanwhile would go 17-7 on the season while 9 year vet of the Senators and Browns… Jack Niggeling put up a 17-12, 3.65. The Demons would finish the season at 94-51 taking the Western League Championship home to Holcomb Park… the 5th title for the stadium. By the end of the season, Stan Keyes had been promoted to Triple-A Minneapolis (where he hit 1 more HR for #39 on the season). This of course meant that 1932 wasn't going to be nearly as exciting as 1931.