Photographs of the first professional night game in baseball history appear courtesy of
Chris Hunter of the Schenectady Museum and Science Center from the G.E. Collection of Historic Photographs 
(special thanks to Stephen L.J. Russo)

Shags Horan was gone by 1924… promoted to the New York Yankees lineup where he didn't remain long. Former Yankees/Chicago White Sox' Ping Bodie took Horan's place and while he couldn't put up those kind of numbers in the batting category, Ping could outslug anybody. Ping would set new all time records for muscle by hitting 38 2Bs, a Holcomb Park tying record of 11 3Bs and a record breaking 32 HRs… beating Horan's record from the previous season with a full 9 HRs to spare. Red Corriden returned to hit a very impressive 38 2B with a .338. The rotation however was a virtual wasteland as Art Stokes took the all time record for futility putting up an 11-27 record to sink this ship back to the bottom of the Western League with 106 losses. Looking to turn their fortunes around the Des Moines Boosters were no more. Instead they looked to get downright evil… changing their name to the Des Moines Demons and looked to banish the rest of the league to the firey bottom where they recently spent some time. With their new name and a killer lineup in their possession, the Demons set to fix what had been wrong with this team for the past 5 years…. the rotation. The Demons found their former 22 game winner from their Championship season, Claude Thomas who had not pitched for the team in 10 years. Thomas took his spot back as the #2 man in the rotation and it was as if he never left, as Thomas posted a 19-6 record. Joining him was a newcomer… future Cleveland Indians' Leo Moon. Moon posted a 22-13 record while Adolph Holzhauser put up a 19-8 record.