The Waco Tigers had been playing in the great Texas League since 1889 (which of course still exists today as one of our 3 Double-A Minor League organizations. When Katy Park actually debuted is a bit of a mystery. While many have it pegged at 1905, some say the structure was here since that 1889 debut. After moving to Paris Texas following a miserable 1902 season,  Waco returned to what was at the very least... a refurbished Katy Park as the Waco Tigers put Ed Rodebaugh on the mound where he would go 22-14 on the season. It looked as if Waco was finally catching some strong footing and they returned with an all new identity in 1906 the Waco Navigators and they would keep that name for many years to come. They started off with an awful 32-96 record but Frank "Dutch" Browning would join the team in 1908 and post a 21-12 record before moving on to San Francisco (later in the season and posting a 9-2, 1.41 record to go 30-14 on the year) bringing the new Waco "Navs" up to a nearly respectable 71-72. However with Dutch now moved on to the Pacific Coast League, the Navigators navigated their way back to oblivion with a 51-91 record in 1909 and a horrific 38-99 record in 1910 thanks to Johnny Johnston (120 games  .193, 6 2B, 3 3B, 0 HR). On the mound, Hatton Ogle was 11-22 while Vic Miller was 7-18. The team finally began to hit again in 1911 thanks to Ona Dodd (32 2B, 6 3B, 5 HR, .246) and William Rennard (20 2B, 5 3B, 14 HR, .273) which helped Hatton Ogle reverse his record from 11-22 to 21-11 in just one season. John Taff followed that up the following year with a 20-11 mark on the mound bringing the Navigators up from a 38-99 in 1910 to a very respectable 82-63 record in 1912.