This was Katy Park on May 9th after 4:10 pm when an F5 tornado destroyed the 50 year old ballpark... and then the rest of the city, leveling most of Waco Texas. Along with the 114 who didn't make it through the storm, 600 more were seriously injured and maimed. The Waco Pirates would spend the rest of the season at Longview Texas' Legion Field until the ballpark could be rebuilt to the way it had looked right before the tornado hit. The Waco Pirates who had drawn only 36,000 for the seasons that came before it, more than doubled it as this ballpark became a rallying point for the town… proving that mother nature couldn't bring down the spirit of its residents. 79,000 came and Waco responded with the 25th best Minor League team to ever take the field that year… putting up a 105-42, .714 record behind Roman Mejias' 55 game hitting streak and winning the Big State League championship trophy. It was what this city needed… something to believe in after so much devastation.