Roberto Petagine (36 2b, 15 HR .334) and Brian Hunter (10 HR, .294) led the Generals to their first Texas League Championship under the Houston Astros reign and behind the managing of Sal Butera. Catcher Raul Chavez (.219), future All Star Bobby Abreu (25 2b, 16 HR, .303) and pitcher Chris Holt (10-9 3.45) brought the Generals back to the playoffs in 1992, but they would lose in the first round. In 1995, Melvin Mora (.298) came to the Generals with Russ Johnson (.248) and Richard Hidalgo (14 HR, .266). All eyes however were on a young starter named Billy Wagner who put together a 2-2 record with a 2.57 ERA. Billy Wagner would eventually become an all-star closer.