In 1981 with a rather talentless team, (Doug Sisk, 3-0, 3.60, Terry Leach 5-1, 1.71 and Bob Apodaca 1-3, 7.56, were the only real impact players), Davey Johnson brought Jackson its first championship title. He would make quite an impression. Attendance had finally gone over the 100,000 mark in 1981 and would remain there for awhile. In 1982, all eyes in New York turned to Jackson as future superstar Darryl Strawberry was on the roster. Darryl would hit 19 doubles, 9 triples, 34 homers, 97 homers, 45 stolen bases and a hit .283. He and Doug Sisk (11-7, 2.67) would take Jackson to the playoffs losing in the 1st round.