The Hubbers as it turns out were just getting started. By 1939 Lubbock would add great pitching to their already solid lineup. The team brought in Lee Harris who would lead the league in winning percentage (18-4) as well as ERA at 2.97. Walter Gorski (17-6, 4.18), Clovis Bridwell (15-7, 3.36), George Amthor (14-9, 3.72) and Melvin Kramer (16-10, 3.94) formed a solid rotation. The hitting wasn't nearly what it had been the season before in terms of power with a returning Hack Miller leading the team at 29 2B, 23 HR, .328. A returning Alfred Carr (35 2B, 14 3B, 15 HR) and the former HR leader Malcolm Stevens (25 2B, 15 HR, .344) certainly hit the ball well but were not quite reaching the stellar marks of the previous year. Matthew Zorko (30 2B, 16 HR, .318) also provided a good bat. The tradeoff however of what was still very good hitting, with some rather excellent pitching rose the Hubbers to a 90-48 (.652) 1st place finish yet again. This time they faced Big Spring in the playoffs. Lubbock would take down Big Spring in a 3 game sweep to face off against Pampa and Gordon Neil who led the league in absolutely everything (.392, 152 Runs, 207 Hits, 189 RBI's, 44 HRs). Despite Pampa's superstar, the Lubbock Hubbers had the pitching to take the team straight through the series as the Lubbock Hubbers took the Championship Series 4 games to 1 for their 2nd straight West Texas-New Mexico League Trophy.