Parris Field was originally completed in July of 1936 and we do believe this was what the ballpark looked like when it first opened though we're not exactly sure at what stage of the 3 ballparks we are in at this point. This ballpark would soon grow very quickly however, doubling in size with a full roofing system in order to attract Minor League Baseball back to Lubbock Texas. The ballpark was the work of local sports editor Collier Parris who managed to secure the funds for Parris Field to be completed in the hopes of bringing professional baseball back to Lubbock for the first time in 8 years. Lubbock baseball fans decided that the ballpark should be named Parris Field in honor of this sportswriter's efforts. Up until this time, little Merrill Park had served this community and was home to the Lubbock Hubbers from 1922 until 1928 (not continuously) when they played their last game in the Class D West Texas League. Merrill Park was a much smaller ballpark and held only a few hundred people whereas the newly built Parris Field would be home to 2500 in 1938 and swelling to well over 4000 by 1939. The roof when it was completed would keep the fans out of the Texas sun and give the ballpark a more professional look. When the West Texas-New Mexico League announced its new roster of 6 teams for the 1937 season… Lubbock was nowhere to be found. It was a disappointment for certain with teams in Wink, Roswell, Monahans, Hobbs, Odessa and Midland. Still… Lubbock didn't give up hope and after both Odessa  and Midland ran into trouble mid-season, Lubbock again pleaded to the league that they had a quality ballpark, a good media market and deserved a chance to host professional baseball again. When the West Texas-New Mexico League announced their roster for the 1938 season, Lubbock was a part of it. Even more exciting was the fact that, Lubbock managed to certify Major League backing as the Chicago White Sox signed the Hubbers to a 4 year Player Development Contract meaning the Hubbers would showcase some of the White Sox' best Minor League talent.