Photograph courtesy STEPHEN CARROLL It would be 6 long years that Dudley Field and the Arizona-Texas League would go dark. The war raged on and when it was over, it would take a few years for the Az-Tex League to re-organize itself. In the meantime, the Mexican National League came in to utilize the ballpark in 1946. El Paso became one of the only franchises of the Mexican League that wasn't an actual Mexican city. Dudley joined up with franchises in Chihuahua, Juarez, Mexico City, Saltillo and Torreon. After spending a full season in the Mexican
  Leagues, the Arizona-Texas League finally returned and Dudley Field left the Mexican contingency and came back to the Az-Tex League. Az-Tex brought with it the Juarez franchise from the Mexican League. The Texans who had ruled this league with 3 Championship titles in an 8 year span were not the same anymore. Syd Cohen (17-5, 3.38) was the only good player on a very bad team which featured such pitchers as Robert Felizzatto (1-8, 9.40), Thomas Entwisle (1-5, 9.00), Ernest Faccio (1-7, 5.20), Thomas Radcliffe (4-15, 7.22) and Daneil O'Toole (6-14, 7.22). This was one bad pitching staff. So bad that what was lost in the mix was Joe DeMaestri who hit .264 on his way to becoming the 2nd All-Star produced by Dudley Field when he made the squad with the Kansas City A's in 1957. Enrique Fernandez was also outstanding with 42 record breaking doubles and a .350 on a team that finished in last with a 44-86 record. Luckily the Boston Red Sox brought a new lease on life when they signed the team in 1948. Bob Sherbarth put up 36 2B, 7 3B and 9 HR while batting .363 while Enrique Fernandez returned with another solid year (32 2B, 19 3B, .336). The Texans were back over .500 with a 74-66 record for 3rd place and were back in the playoffs but quickly lost in the 1st round to Globe-Miami. With that, the Red Sox were gone after only one season and El Paso would finish out their next few seasons as a co-op franchise. What should have "sank" this team in fact only seemed to make them better. They had discovered a new talent... that talent was called "power".