By 1991, the Diablos had turned things around, both on the field and at the gate. Much of that had to do with the addition to the roster of this stadium's first two future All-Stars... John Jaha who immediately set a new bar in power with 38 2B, 30 HR, 134 RBI and an amazing and qualifying .344 batting average... and the mind-numbing numbers of catcher Dave Nilsson. The Australian born ballplayer blew away anything anyone had ever seen in any Texas League franchise in history when by mid-season, he was batting a whopping
   .418! We're not talking 100 at bats here, we're talking a full half season of 250 At Bats. Nilson also had 24 2Bs to join that number and looked to reset the records of Texas League history. While it was in credit to his terrific performance, we will never know if Nilsson would have been able to pull off this terrific feat, as this future MLB All-Star was sadly promoted to Triple-A leaving us all wondering what he would have done over the course of a full season. (Nilsson was surpringly just a part time player Triple-A Denver and hit only .232 in 95 At Bats). Nilsson's best season in the MLB came in 1996 when he hit a qualifying .331 with 33 2B and 17 HR for the Brewers coming in 2nd for the batting title to Frank Thomas' .347. Luckily despite Nilsson's promotion, John Jaha remained with the team all season long to lead them to first place with a terrific 81-55 (.596) record. Shon Ashley (24 HR, 100 RBI, .308) and Jim Tatum (27 2B, 18 HR, 128 RBI, .320) provided plenty of protection in this lineup. The Diablos however would lose in the finals to the Shreveport Captains who had much better pitching. Jaha went on to hit 34 HR with a .300 and 118 RBI for the Brewers in 1996 and 35 HR with 111 RBI in 1999 for the A's. All of the excitement on the field finally brought the fans to Cohen Stadium as 273,000 came through the gates to lead the Texas League in attendance.