When the El Paso Diablos made their move into the brand new Cohen Stadium in 1990, it wasn't met with the greatest of enthusiasm. Fans rallied the year before to celebrate the rather simple, but nostalgic Dudley Field. The "Dudley Dome" as it was affectionately known, had drawn 250,000 in it's final season as fans said a tearful goodbye to the stadium that had been the heart of El Paso baseball for over 6 decades. When the all new  Cohen Stadium opened, the Diablos would draw just 201,000 fans in its inaugural season. (Keep in mind a stadium's best draw usually comes in its 1st season, as there is usually a buzz from fans looking to see the "new" in their town). It was a bad sign and many felt the new stadium lacked any sort of character. This combined with a location very far from downtown seemed to be a bad mix. A unique looking large white canopy was quickly added down the 3rd baseline to give the ballpark a bit more charachter, (similar to the canopy in Provo Utah Brigham Young ballpark). It seemed to make all the difference in the world. As for the Diablos... they were a solid competitive team but lacked any star power. Andrew Dixon's 53 steals and .286 provided some speed but there wasn't much power on this franchise. The inaugural 1990 offering finished in 2nd with a 77-58 record and made the playoffs before being "nicked off" in the 1st round.