Cohen Stadium is a large, nearly 10k seat stadium in El Paso Texas and was built in 1990 for $6 million dollars. The El Paso Diablos came to the stadium from their long time home "Dudley Field" aka "The Dudley Dome" where they spent nearly 65 years playing professional Double-A baseball. When the stadium was built, the Diablos were in the middle of a very loyal, 18 year Player Development Contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. In the years at the Dudley Dome, the El Paso franchises were usually in the upper echelon of the league, promoting future All-Stars and usually in the post-season. Past El Paso franchises had posted 10 championships and the hope was for that tradition to continue at the new ballpark. Cohen Stadium had terrific mountain views but unfortunately didn't face the mountains which is perhaps the biggest mistake of the stadium. Of course that was because the mountains faced west and sunset would be in the fielders eye... but the mountains would have done much to block that. Despite the fact that this stadium is often much maligned, it is quite a nice ballpark with its sailing canopies and deep red colors. The stadium was built at the very high elevation of 4,102 feet which led to high Home Run totals... extraordinary batting averages... and some truly awful ERA's.