The Midland Indians were able to keep up their winning ways in the Longhorn League. Attendance dropped after the novelty of the new ballpark wore off to 52,000 but that was happening to every team in the league and around the country with the advent of television, and it was again good enough for 3rd place. It was a completely different team however as the pitching failed but the hitting was solid. Julian DelaTorre again was the star hitting .330 with 35 2B and 18 HR while Arthur Bowland (23 2B, 9 HR, .345) kept his batting average inflated all season long. This time Midland found San Angelo in the playoffs and had far more difficulty, as the Colts forced a 7th and final game to decide who was going to the finals. Somehow Midland held on and took the series 4 games to 3 to move on to the showdown in Carlsbad. Midland's hitting had gotten them this far but in the finals... Carlsbad's Potashes featured Audie Maolone who had just won 25 games and was able to shut down the Indians' hitting game. Carlsbad hung on for a 4 game to 2 victory and took away Christensen Stadium's Longhorn League trophy. With their hitting dispersing in the off-season and a pitching staff with ERA's in the 5's, the Indians put all of their effort into two men to help get their trophy back... one pitcher and one hitter. Those two men would lead this team to the post-season for the 3rd year in a row... practically all by themselves.