Christensen Stadium opened in 1952 to the Midland Indians of the Class C Longhorn League. Despite the name, the Indians were not a Cleveland franchise but operated as a co-op team (as were the rest of the teams operating in the Longhorn League system during this period). When Christensen Stadium debuted, the Longhorns were as strong of a team as any in Texas thanks to some incredible pitching... perhaps the best that this stadium would ever experience in its long history. They were led on the mound by three 20+ game winners... Keith Nicolls (24-8, 2.96), Eddie Jacome (22-14, 5.26) and Israel Ten (21-9, 2.51) and in the field by Julian DelaTorre (26 2B, 6 3B, 13 HR, .300). 64,000 fans (3rd in the league) came out to watch the Indians explode for an 85-55 (.607) record to make the playoffs against Big Spring, where they swept those Broncs in 4 games to go to the finals against their arch rival and neighbor... Odessa. It was perhaps one of the most exciting moments for this region in sports history. Odessa and Midland today, still have such a strong arch rivalry that when their high-school teams play football, they have to play in a new 15,000 seat stadium to handle the overflow crowds. This wasn't much different as Odessa who had put up an even better record than Midland in the regular season was the favorite. The Indians however had what it took and in the finals, took down the Oilers to bring home the Longhorn League Championship in its very first season here at Christensen Stadium. It was a remarkable start for this new ballpark, and one that they assumed had set the pace of winning baseball for decades to come. They couldn't have been more wrong.