Instead, Midland College has taken over this facility and made this their new home stadium. You have to be thankful that it will now continue to live on (and back into top condition again) for decades to come. You see, this ballpark has some serious history. It may look a bit more like a typical 80's build but in actuality Christensen dates back to 1952 and besides hosting the Texas League, it was home to such Class C Minor League organizations as the Longhorn League, the Southwestern League and the Sophomore League... Minor League organizations during the older days when baseball still had enough support across the land to accommodate dozens more, Minor League systems. Because of this the number of future Major League Cy Young's and All-Stars (and even Hall of Famers) that have come from this ballpark is rather large. We will examine the entire history of this stadium as it undergoes a complete facelift for the 2nd time since it opened (the other being in 1990 when it first received its classic facade) and look back at the historical ballpark in Midland Texas known as Christensen Stadium.