The Pioneers would have to live off that great season in 1953 as the advent of television saw team's attendance cut in half across the board. Even the Pioneers who had never drawn under 109k were now in 2nd place in attendance at 73,000. A lot of that had to do with their abysmal 69-77 7th place finish. Still, you no longer had to leave your home for nightly entertainment (up until now, staying at home at night meant staring at a non-descript radio). Now you can lounge on your couch and watch this special new thing called, TV. The Pioneers' batting order was so bad that a returning Dean Franks went from 20 wins to 18 losses (17-18, 2.72) despite beating Lee Roy Jones for the lowest ERA ever recorded at Disch Field. In 1954, Lee Roy Jones would not let that happen however as he wanted that record to stick so he returned to Austin where he bested Franks' ERA posting a 14-11, 2.70 to retake the all time ERA mark at this ballpark. Jones and Harvey Angelo's new Triples record of 13 (31 2B, 13 3B, .267) led to a 79-67 4th place finish and another 1st round elimination. Attendance jumped just for a short bit to 85k (2nd place behind Corpus Christi's 97k) but by 1955, attendance dropped with the Pioneers all the way down to just 50k through the gates. The Pioneers had come to the end of the line. The Big State League would last another 2 seasons, but they would do it without Austin. Don't fear however as Disch Field was actually meant for even bigger and better things.