As soon as Disch Field was completed i 1947, the new "Austin Pioneers" immediately took up vacancy in its friendly confines. The Big State League was a brand new Class B organization and it moved into such great Texas Media Markets as Texarkana, Greenville, Wichita Falls, Paris, Sherman-Denison, Gainesville, Waco and here in Austin. None of these ballparks still exist today and some (like Waco) met with extinction at the hands of mother nature.  The all new Austin Pioneers began their lives in 1947 in 7th place out of the 8 teams even though they did well at the ticket booth drawing 106,000 in their first season (4th place in attendance). Few of the franchises in this Class B league would ever attach themselves to a Major League franchise and in the Austin Pioneers' 8 year history in the Big State League, they never held an MLB affiliation. The inaugural team had some big boppers in the lineup with former MLB All-star Beau Bell (.346, 35 2B, 11 HR, 111 RBI's), Woody Bell (24 HR, .326) and Steve Carter (12 HR, .352). Carter would return in 1948 to bat .309 with 37 doubles as the Austin pioneers surged ahead to 4th place with a 79-67 record in front of a league leading crowd of 163k fans making it to the post-season for the 1st time (only to lose in the first round). It seems as if Austin was instantly infected with Minor League baseball as 188,000 fans came to cheer on the 1949 team, becoming one of the greatest draws in all of the Minors (keep in mind the St. Louis Browns... a Major League franchise, only drew 270,000 in 1949).