The Wranglers had tremendous new competition in this superleague and with the talent level much higher, struggled to stay above .500. In fact the only reason they finished a game over .500 was because of Art Dollaghan's pitching (20-12, 3.98). The home runs were gone from the lineup. In factů so were the triples as this was as limp a lineup, 1-9 as this town had seen. It was only due to great pitching that the Wranglers didn't wind up in last place. Joe Clardy stepped in during the 1952 season to provide some sort of hitting posting 33 2B, 22 3B, 14 HR and a .346 to be the overall best hitter. Richard Graybeal meanwhile hit 17 HR and batted .313 as the Wranglers finished 70-66, still never having a losing season in the team's history. 53,000 came out to see the Wranglers finish in 3rd place. The Southwest International League as it would turn out, would prove to be a failure. The league couldn't compete and folded at season's end. Despite the fact that Las Vegas drew a very respectable 53,000, the new Arizona-Mexico League (which would stem out of the old Arizona-Texas League) would not add the Wranglers to their roster for the 1953 season and Cashman Field I would go dark for 5 long years.