By 1950, the Wranglers were trying to live off that special season, but Pete Hughes was traded to El Centro where he led the league in hitting with a .393. Ron D. Johnson took his place and hit a league leading 26 HR while batting .292 and Dick Butcher was right behind him with 22 HR and a .296. The 76-69 record was nowhere near the quality of the previous season... but still good enough to make the post-season where Las Vegas lost in the first round to the Mexicali Eagles. In 1951, the Sunset League merged with teams from the Arizona-Texas League to form the brand new "Southwest International League". This new superleague featured teams from El Paso, Juarez Mexico, Phoenix, Mexicali Mexico, Tucson, Tijuana Mexico,  Bisbee-Douglas, El Centro, Yuma and of course… Las Vegas.