When the Wranglers moved into this new Cashman Field I, they were coming off an incredible season at the old Helldorado Grounds which saw 4 players hit 32 HR or more including Calvin Felix who hit 52. Now in the spacious new Elk Stadium (as it was first christened before becoming known as Cashman Field), those numbers were completely gone from the roster. William Maupin (34 2B, 15 3B, 17 HR, .314) now led the team in home runs. Triples were the "new Home Run" as the huge outfield caused Marty Krug to earn 23 triples while hitting 24 2B, 12 HR and hit .336. In fact most of the homers here were of the "inside-the-park" variety. On the mound, Robert Knudson (20-9, 4.98), Jerome Wallerstein (18-7, 3.99) and Walter Peluso (10-3, 4.03) tried their best to wade through the over the top hitting of the league. ERA's in the low 4 to high 4's at this ballpark were considered what an ERA in the 2's would be considered elsewhere (and it is still that way in today's Cashman Field II). With a 72-68 record, the Wranglers made it to the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row and all the way to the finals before losing 3 games to 2 to rival Reno.