1921 also brought another new franchise to Pelican Park. With the departure of the Cleveland Indians, Heinemann Field welcomed the Brooklyn Dodgers and Hall of Famers Zach Wheat and 5 time 20 game winner Burleigh Grimes. The Dodgers were only a stop over as Brooklyn went back to Durkee Field in Jacksonville where they had been playing the previous few years. That was when it was announced that none other than the New York Yankees were coming to town for 1922. The Yankees would stay a little while as well making Heinemann Field their spring training home for 3 seasons until 1924. The Yankees would bring their recently acquired slugger from the Boston Red Sox… a guy by the name of Babe Ruth. When Ruth arrived at Heinemann Field, it was just after setting the all time record for homers in a season at 59 (which he would later break by hitting 60). Ruth wouldn't accomplish any of those records in seasons after training in New Orleans. What he would do however is become one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. Babe Ruth is so well known for his "Ruthian home run swing" that few realize just how good of a pure hitter he was… so much so that he would have easily been a hall of famer even if he didn't hit any home runs! After Ruth broke camp in 1922, the Babe hit an incredible .393... earning the only MVP award he would ever win. Few people realize just how often the Babe often flirted with .400, While that .393 is the closest he would get, Babe Ruth hit .376 in 1920, .378 in 1921, .378 in 1924, .372 in 1926, .373 in 1931 and of course with his .393 in 1923… that is 6 seasons with a batting average above .370. Ruth should of course be known for his amazing home run prowess… but he could give Ty Cobb a run for his money in the batting average department as well! Ruth wasn't the only future Hall of Famer on that Yankees roster either… 2 time 20 game winner Herb Pennock would have a 21-9 game season after breaking camp from New Orleans in 1924. While Waite Hoyt would win 20 games twice in his career as well. The 1923 season was the most memorable for the Yanks during their 3 year stay at Heinemann Field, as they would produce a world series winning team that year putting up a 98-54 record to take 1st place, before beating the Giants in the fall classic.