They would regroup and in 1940, they brought in power hitter in future St. Louis Cardinals' Walter Sessi who would hit 32 2B, 11 HR and bat .286. This wasn't going to break any records, but it would get the team back to .500 and back into the Post-Season. With a 72-72 record, they tried to re-capture 1938's surprising come from behind trophy year. It wasn't going to happen this time, as they were done by the 1st round. Still it was a good comeback from the awful previous season. With the war starting to heat up, the Mobile Shippers would need to step up their game if they were to take home another trophy to Hartwell Field. The future LF of the St. Louis Cardinals… Erv Dusak was brought in at 20 years old to change things around. He was only able to play in 81 games but did more in that half season than anyone had in a full season previous. In 292 at bats, Dusak was able to break the all-time Hartwell Field homer title, slamming 13 2B, 18 HR while batting .336. Joe Schmidt was also impressive hitting .305 with 37 2B and 7 HR. On the mound, future St. Louis Cardinals' George Dockins (20-6, 2.05) became only the 2nd 20 game winner ever at Hartwell Field joining with future Cardinals' pitcher Abe White (16-5, 2.66) and Norman Russell (16-4, 3.00) for a stellar rotation. This fine collection of talent raised the bar as the Mobile Shippers had their best season under that moniker posting an 88-47 record to capture 1st place in the Southeastern League. In the playoffs, the pitching was solid enough to keep any opponent from playing the spoiler as the Shippers won their 3rd Championship in 5 years! The celebration was a jubilant but cautious one. WW II began to really heat up during this time and things began to get very intense in and around Mobile, where much of the army was training soldiers to fight overseas. For 1942, the Bears brought some more outstanding power in the form of Alphonsus Simononis who would tie Erv Dusak's previous season record for HR, hitting 15 2B, 18 HR and batting .302. A. Phillips was also excellent 2ith 36 2B and 8 3B while batting .341. The pitching however was nowhere near the impressive display of the previous season. Still… it was good enough for 80 wins and another playoff berth. Could the Mobile Shippers put up their 4th Championship in 6 years? Nope. They were done by the 1st round. Even more important was the war which was now raging overseas. The Southeastern League announced following the playoffs that it would suspend operations for the next 3 seasons due to WWII. Hartwell Field was going dark again.