The A's felt that despite their fine season in Mobile, the experiment at Hartwell Field was deemed a failure. The Mobile A's returned to Birmingham's Rickwood Field at the end of the season and Hartwell Field would go dark yet again. It would another 4 long years before baseball would return here as the Double-A Chicago White Sox moved from Columbus Georgia's Golden Park to Mobile to become the Mobile White Sox in 1970. The new Mobile White Sox were an awful team.  They didn't have any good hitters, they didn't have any power and they couldn't
  pitch. They battled the Asheville Tourists all season to see who could be the worst team in the league. The Tourists beat them at that futile mark by 1 game as Mobile finished in 7th place with a 59-78 record. They weren't fun to watch so nobody did. 522 fans came per game to watch a team that nearly went un-noticed. The Mobile White Sox drew a simply forgettable total of 35,000 fans all season long. The White Sox not surprisingly pulled out after only 1 year, just like the Athletics 4 years previous thanks to pure apathy. This time however… no one was waiting to pick up the slack… not even 4-5 years down the road. When Hartwell Field went dark after the 1970 season, it went dark for good. Hartwell Field was left to rot and was finally taken down completely by a hurricane in 1992. Baseball left Mobile Alabama for 24 years until the upstart Mobile Baysharks began play at the University of Southern Alabama's Stanky Field for the short lived Texas Louisiana League. Though the Baysharks wouldn't accomplish much in their time here, they did remind everyone that there was a town in Alabama with tremendous baseball history. By 1997 the Southern League would return to Mobile with the Mobile Bay Bears where they now play at Hank Aaron Stadium to the delight of the fans every single season. The final stats are as follows:

Hartwell Field produced 11 future All-Stars: Dutch Leonard, Bruce Edwards, Walt Moryn, Norm Larker, Don Zimmer, Jim Gentile, Gary Bell, Dick Stigman, Sal Bando, Rick Monday, Blue Moon Odom and 0 future Hall of Famers (though this may change if Tony LaRussa is elected to the HoF as a manager).

The most in a single season:
2B - 39 Malcom Stevens
3B - 17 Sebastian Wagner
HR - 30 Gordy Coleman
Ave: .371 John Chapman
Wins: 22 Whitey Glazner
Losses: 19 Marty Griffin