The Dodgers would spend an amazingly long 4 seasons here from 1949 until 1952 before a proper ballpark (known as Holman Stadium) was built. Until that time, a ballfield was developed near the northern part of the barracks (and still exists there today) where the Dodgers could at least have a regulation field to play on (besides using the areas surrounding the barracks to practice at). The Dodgers however, would also need to play games against MLB franchises in the southern part of Florida. The Dodgers secured a second location... Miami Florida's Bobby Maduro Stadium
  (which was more tolerant of minorities than Vero Beach was), where the Dodgers could play some exhibition games as well. Even more important, they could fly into Miami International Airport, (just a few blocks away from Bobby Maduro Stadium) right from Dodgertown's personal airstrip with Jackie only having to ride a 1/4 mile on the Miami bus, assuring his safety. Then after the game, they could all fly right back here safe and secure in their own little military like compound before dinner was served.