After spending 15 years at Clearwater's Green Field, the Brooklyn Dodgers found themselves in the situation where they needed to train in a location that was far away from the U.S. public. This began in 1941 as a trial at La Tropical Stadium in Havana but it soon became an actual "need" after the war. In 1947 the Dodgers moved their Spring Training regiment, to Havana's Gran Stadium (still standing today as Estadio LatinoAmerican). Then... it was off to the Dominican Republic. What Branch Rickey had envisioned was an all encompassing facility; one that could feed, house and train
his Brooklyn Dodgers, not only all in the same location... but in a way that, even when it was time the leave... they would never have to step foot outside this "ideal paradise" of a complex. The reason for all of this?... Jackie Robinson.