This ballpark was of course, also host to the University of Maryland's Terrapins and while UM wasn't exactly the frontline team that it is today... it was still a formidable program in the days when this ballpark was in action in the NCAA. No player however made more of an impact on the Terrapins than "King Kong"... Charlie Keller. According to Dave Ungrady's book "Tales from the Maryland Terrapins", King Kong Keller started out the 1935 season in UM by batting a whopping .551, and in his 2 season's here, Keller would bat .497 for his NCAA career... a level that no player has come close to achieving since. Those numbers caught the attention of the biggest team in baseball at the time... the New York Yankees. The Yanks signed up Keller and sent him to play for the Triple-A Newark Bears at Ruppert Park. Once there, Keller tore up the International League for 2 seasons batting .353 in 1947 and slamming 36 2B, 22 HR and batting .365 in 1938. The Yankees were so impressed by King Kong Keller, they brought him up to the Majors for the 1939 season to become part of an outfield that included George Selkirk and another young guy named Joe DiMaggio.