As for the Brooklyn Dodgers… they went to the seclusion of Bear Mountain and the Military Academy at West Point. It was a decision that would affect the Dodgers and how they would train their players every spring, for the next 70 years. A new ballpark was constructed in front of the giant meadow just in front of the Bear Mountain Inn. There was no outfield fence so if you wanted to hit a home run, you would have to "leg it out". The natural berm surrounding the ballfield made for perfect rows of standing room down the 1st baseline, while a shorter berm was made taller by the sections of wooden bleachers down the 3rd baseline, (which was the extent of the "architecture" for this ballpark). Before long, a pretty nice little ballpark came together right at the base of one of New York State's most famed moutains (and at 1,200 feet... the only mountain over 1,000 feet within two hours distance of Brooklyn).