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Memphis Redbirds / Blues / Chicks Official Scorer:

J.J. Guinozzo

(Guinozzo Centre Baseball Research)

Russwood Park

Memphis Tennessee

Home of the Memphis Chickasaws
Memphis Egyptians
and Memphis Turtles
(Southern Association)
Polly McLarry returned in 1921 to provide a big bat for the Chickasaws and put up incredible numbers… 36 2B, 19 3B, 15 HR and a .353 taking over Elm Wood Park records in every category except for doubles, as he was outdone by future Brooklyn Dodgers' Tommy McMillan (40 2B, .322). Former Brooklyn Federal League player Rinaldo Williams (33 2B, 17 3B, 10 HR, .326) provided the 3rd of the 6 big bats in the lineup. Former New York Yankees' Howie Camp (34 2B, .345), Don Brown (28 2B, 13 3B, 9 HR, .331), future 13 year veteran of the Dodgers and Cardinals Andy High (31 2B, 9 3B, .321) and future Brooklyn Dodgers' Bernie Hungling (32 2B, .322), gave the Memphis Chickasaws 7 players in the batting order hitting well over .300. On the mound, there was just as much excitement with Fred Marks putting up a 19-8, future Red Sox and Senators' Paul Zahniser putting up a 22-12 and former St. Louis Cardinals' Oscar Tuero putting up a fantastic 27-8, 2.69. Together, these 10 men put up an all time Memphis record 104 wins coming from near the bottom, to blowing away all competition … capturing 1st place and their 2nd ever Southern Association title. Paul Zahniser (20-12, 2.74) joined with future Cardinals / Dodgers' Leo Dickerman (20-7, 2.14) and Hy Fowlkes (19-9, 2.42) to provide another amazing pitching rotation for 1922 but the hitting wasn't quite there this time. Howie Camp returned to hit .311 with 20 2B and 10 HR but he was the only player over .300. Even Polly McLarry only hit .291. The pitching still kept the team in the thick of it all season long as they won a very impressive 94 games, but the Mobile Bears would best the Chicasaws by 3 games to win 97 and steal the title away as Memphis came in 2nd place.