Photograph courtesy of Chris Hunter of the Schenectady Museum and Science Center from the G.E. Collection of Photographs (special thanks to Stephen LJ Russo)

For the first time since 1929, Augusta had a player in double-digits in the HR category as Danny Pavlovic hit 21 2Bs, 8 3Bs, 17 HRs and batted .257. Joe Mitchell meanwhile sped around the bases fast enough to garner 20 3Bs to take over the Jennings Stadium record (formerly 18 by Gordie Johnson) while batting .263. The Tigers also welcomed their 2nd future MLB All-Star to their roster with 19 year old future Yankees’ Billy Johnson (14 2Bs, 11 3Bs, .306). On the mound, former Chicago White Sox’ Charlie Biggs was equally impressive putting up the first 20 game season since Belve Bean, going 20-11 with a 3.25. Leo Twardy meanwhile would go 10-5 with a very impressive 1.96 ERA to take over Belve Bean’s former 2.48 record. These Tigers turned it around putting up a 74-66 record and for the first time in Jennings Stadium history, they made it to the playoffs where they immediately succumbed in the 1st round. Still… it was a start. Leo Twardy who had set the all time ERA record for this ballpark the previous season returned to set the wins mark, going 21-12, 3.32. Charlie Biggs meanwhile returned to go 13-8, 3.60. At the plate, future All-Star Yankees’ Billy Johnson returned for a terrific season batting .328 with 31 2Bs, 8 3Bs and 8 HRs, while future Philadelphia A’s Ford Garrison batted .330 with 23 2Bs and 13 3Bs. James Adlam provided the power with 21 2Bs, 10 3Bs, 13 HRs and a .273. Together, this Yankees franchise put together an outstanding 84-56 record and blew through the 1st round of the playoffs. In the finals they found the Savannah Indians who featured former Augusta slugger Danny Pavlovic (17 HRs). In the end, Leo Twardy and Charlie Biggs led a very strong rotation and the pitching was stellar enough to bring Jennings Stadium its first Championship Trophy.