They would soften the blow by announcing that once every season, the Birmingham Barons would return to Rickwood Field to play the "Rickwood Classic". This would not be an exhibition game but a regular season game, maintaining Rickwood Field as the "oldest ballpark still in use". Still... even with one game a year now on the schedule, it was a devastating blow. It was perhaps because of this, that... Hoover Metropolitan could have been one of the most beautiful ballparks ever created on this planet, and it is would have been looked upon with a certain bit of disdain. After all, there is hardly any ballpark on earth that not only looks like a ballpark from the beginning of when baseball began, but actually is... Rickwood Field built in 1910. Perhaps even worse yet is the fact that Hoover Metropolitan Stadium didn't try to compete with the historic nature of Rickwood. In fact, it didn't even try. That is perhaps why we like it so much.