Hank Aaron Stadium is a bit of a throwback to some of the ballparks that were prevalent in the league 10 years earlier. It looks a lot like Patterson Field in Montgomery where the Rebels played for the Southern League or Jackson Mississippi's Smith Wills Stadium. In fact, the design is very much like Hartwell Field where the Mobile Bears played for years. We tend to like these style of stadiums over the big ballparks with all the bells and whistles, and this ballpark is all about baseball. Because of Mobile's strong ties to the military, this stadium also features a weekly
weekend dedication to the army, navy and marines where all military gets discounts on tickets and food and beverage.  On the day we shot this ballpark, it was "Bark in the Park" day. Unfortunately it also followed a major fireworks show the night previous. This had brought most of the town to Hank Aaron Stadiums. Because of this, on this hot and humid afternoon following the festivities, the ballpark was a bit quieter than usual.