It wasn't until a little upstart independent baseball league… the Texas-Louisiana League came to town in 1994 that Minor League Baseball finally realized what a mistake they had made all these years by forgetting about this historical city. The Tex-La's "Mobile BaySharks" took up camp at the University of South Alabama's Stanky Field and what happened next shocked the baseball world. 100,000 people showed up to watch this little indy pro-team play ball. Starved for professional baseball, they would draw another 81,000 in 1995. The Southern League finally realized
that this incredible baseball market had been sitting here abandoned for years and perhaps maybe, they should place a team here. In 1997 that's exactly what they did. The tremendously successful Texas-Louisiana league moved out of Stanky Field after the '95 season and the Southern League created this brand new "Hank Aaron Stadium" to showcase the return of professional Double-A Baseball to this beautiful city by the Gulf.