1953 saw the Hornets play just mediocre baseball, finishing only 3 games over .500 for 3rd place in the league. While Charlotte was just average in the regular season… they still had the experience in the games that really counted. Their first round of playoffs meant facing their arch nemesis, the Spartanburg Peaches yet again. As if to keep plunging the knife in deeper after losing their storied 1951 season to Spartanburg, they swept the 1st place Peaches to go to the finals against Anderson. Charlotte had certainly faced Anderson before and never had a problem beating them. This wouldn't be any different as Anderson continued to be beaten into submission by the Hornets. They would be beaten 3 games to none as the Hornets swept the entire post season for their second straight championship and their 4th overall at Crockett Park. 72k came to see the Hornets play, 2nd in the league.