In 1976, beautiful Crockett Park finally got a second look. We're not sure why a ballpark in such a huge market would go forgotten by Minor League Baseball for 3 years, but then again there are a lot of things we leave scratching our heads about. The Baltimore Orioles moved their Double-A Southern League franchise out of Asheville's McCormick Park I and into Crockett Park for the 1976 season, and began the new era of the Charlotte O's. The O's started off with a bang. They would go 77-66 making the playoffs, but even more important, feature some of the strongest talent that the team had seen in years. The '76 O's would be home to 1B Eddie Murray who would hit 15 doubles and 12 homers while batting .298 in 300 at bats on his way to an incredible 21 year career that ended in an election to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. It would be Crockett Park's 2nd Hall of Famer.