After winning the Southeastern League Championship in their 1st season at PSC Field, the Pelicans returned in 2003 to their new ballpark Spponer Field, looking to dominate again. The Pelicans had excellent pitching behind Jerry Dunn (7-1, 2.21 in 10 starts) and Darryl Rogue (4-1, 2.21 in 11 starts) as well as good sluggers in Heath Kelly (11 HR, .243) and Blair Bourque (14 2B, 8 HR, 33 RBI, .290).  The Pelicans would go on to put up a 42-23 record to take 1st place but this time, lost in the playoffs to Baton Rouge Riverbats. With the end of a successful season came some
   turmoil. The Southeastern League's Montgomery Wings team was so successful that it attracted Double-A baseball to take over the market (forshadowing what would happen here in Pensacola 8 years later). The Southeastern League found itself unable to compete without that strong Montgomery market which they got most of their income from and sadly, James Gamble's Southeastern League organization folded after only 2 seasons.