He was still a starting pitcher at this time but future closer Randy Myers (14-10, 3.63) was on his way to a stellar career. It would take a little time to realize why Myers who had tremendous "stuff" was not reaching his potential. Eventually the Mets would come to figure out that Myers was never going to be a good starting pitcher, but he could be a magnificent closer. After going 7-3, 26 saves (1.72) in 1988 and a very similar 7-4, 24 saves (2.35) in 1989 Myers was off to Cincinnati in the famous trade that brought John Franco to
New York. In his first season in Cincy, Myers would go 5-6, 2.08 with 31 saves to earn his first All-Star nod. Myers truly blossomed however in Chicago where he led the league in 1993 with 53 saves. Myers would again lead the National League in 1995 with 38 and in 1997 with Baltimore when he put up 45 Saves with an ERA of 1.51. Injuries would cut Myers' career short in 1998, which he would never recover from career wise but his legacy was set as 4 All-Star appearances made Myers one of the best players to be produced from Columbia's Capital City Park II's 7 year existence.