Amazingly, Minor League Baseball re-discovered Columbia all on their own. The South Atlantic League moved into this new but still rather rickety Mets "orange and blue" ballpark that was really nothing more than 3 sets of bleachers... the middle section (behind home plate) being covered with a roof to give it an ever so slightly less, temporary feel. There was a "box seating section" as well directly behind the field lines with 4 rows of seating. All seating in the ballpark however was "bench seating"
with no individual seats. The quality of this ballpark is something you would find perhaps in the Rookie level Appalachian leagues of 30 years ago. With its wooden slat bleachers that were exposed to all sorts of weather, we're surprised this ballpark lasted through 7 years of humid South Carolina sun and storms. (Though if you look at the wood bleachers directly to the left of this photo, you can see just how warped this stadium was).