After leading the league in winning percentage in their first two seasons in the South Atlantic League, the 1985 franchise finished in 2nd with a 79-57. This time however, they did win a "half" season putting them back in the playoffs once again. They would also welcome their 2nd future MLB All-Star as Gregg Jefferies came to town to bat .281 at the ripe age of 17 in 20 games. Jefferies was a 1st round draft pick and was expected to be a tremendous part of the Mets future. Unfortunately that would never
materialize... at least not for the Mets. Clubhouse tensions between Jefferies and his teammates who didn't readily accept him, led to all sorts of overprotective chaos including trading Dykstra and McDowell to the Phillies which in many ways killed the chance of a repeat of the 1986 Mets ever happening again. (The hazing that Dykstra and McDowell and company gave to Jefferies has been well documented and very much led to the breakup of the Mets and their infamous "swagger"). Jefferies would eventually come into his own once he escaped New York and nearly proved that he was worth all the effort, when he arrived in St. Louis and batted .342 in